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When Macy's reached out with a specific challenge, I embraced the opportunity to help a heritage company thrive in the modern digital landscape. The task at hand was clear: How could Macy's produce high-quality social content at scale? We crafted Macy's unique presence on each social platform, devising a robust strategy to elevate our content, and, critically, assembling an agile team capable of efficiently delivering results amidst the challenges of a global pandemic.

It was a challenging ask, and in a simplified way, here’s what it took: 

  • Capturing a New Audience: We responded to the key question, "How do we engage new Gen Z and Millennial consumers?" and turned our insights into action.

  • Revamping Brand Guidelines: We redefined Macy's brand guidelines to ensure adaptability and scalability, allowing the brand to evolve while maintaining its core audience.

  • Realistic Models and Talent: We recognized the importance of relatability, opting for models and talent that resonated with our audience on a realistic level.

  • Streamlined Content Creation: We introduced a streamlined content creation process that enabled our creative team to produce relevant content swiftly.

  • Agile Team Formation: We identified and assembled a team capable of responding promptly to both paid media and spontaneous organic content, all while staying aligned with our strategic goals.

  • Adapting to Change: We mastered the art of pivoting our creative strategy swiftly and effectively, a skill that proved invaluable during a global pandemic.

In the month of December 2020, during a pandemic nonetheless, our team successfully acquired 5.4 million new consumers within the GenZ-Millenial base with this new strategy and creative direction. 

Role: Creative Manager / Sr. Art Director - Social Publishing


We went from this:

To This:

old 2.png
new 2.png

With a growing appetite for more and more video within social channels, we started to incorporate an 'authentic' video first approach to all our maker process. Making sure the company was staying relevant to the consumer base we were trying to acquire.

Talent needed to be more relatable and feel more 'real'. We started with an exploration in model casting,  reaching out to signed agencies and then diving into street casting. The goal was to have a network of diverse models, including size diversity, and real people who had fun skills or side hustles. 

Some examples of our best-in-class social media content. The content has since been utilized across the company's website for shopping and display ads. We've been able to produce 10x the volume of creative for 1/10th the price. 

FB ex.png
IG ex.png
TW example.png
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