Working with Kraft Heinz, Vayner Media and the Miracle Whip marketing team tested a new concept: Give us the keys to all your digital channels, say ‘yes’ to everything for 90 days, and we’ll increase your sales. Long story short, it worked. In 90 days we created a handful of content each and every day from twitter posts that focused on that day’s cultural chatter to custom created images and videos driving sales directly to various Walmart in specific regions.


The biggest stunt in the 90 days was a complete town take over of Mayo, Florida, a real city with an unfortunately opportune name. We worked with the local governing officials and changed the name of the city without the residents knowing. This was captured in a documentary about the ridiculousness of it all earning over 2.6 million views. If you could watch one thing, I’d say it should be this video. 


Our theme was anti-mayonnaise and we brought the tang, in tone and creative execution. 

Some things we made were:



⁃ ‘No More Mayo’ Documentary

⁃ E-commerce site and Miracle Whip clothing a.k.a

⁃ Rap song collaboration - Spotify 

Will it Drop? Facebook live - earning 800k impressions

Custom made cocktail videos - and yes the reviews were mixed.

⁃ Direct response Ads getting people into Walmart for purchasing 

⁃ So many other things tapping all different digital and social channels. 


No More Mayo - Town Takeover Documentary.


Here is a sample of some of the things we created within those 90 days: shopify store

We invented a cocktail that went viral

Spotify Song Collaboration

Various Facebook Posts 

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